CaseloadPRO is a full featured Probation Case Management System. All of the data necessary to organize and run a Probation department is collected and arranged in a more user friendly manner than any other system currently available. CaseloadPRO is available for both your Juvenile and Adult divisions. The following is a partial list of the information we help you to manage:

Reports, Letters and Forms

Save time by having CaseloadPRO automatically create your next Report or Letter. Any data stored in CaseloadPRO can be used for any report, letter or form.

Complete Caseload Assignment and History

Every probation officer can easily see who is assigned the their caseload, and optionally map all offenders using Google maps. Officers can easily transfer offenders between caseloads, add new offenders to their caseload, or remove offenders from their caseload. A probation officer can pull up any offender and see a history of their Caseload Assignments.

Case Details

Arrest Information, Charge Details, Hearings, Victims, Warrants, Restitution, Courts, Judges, Fines/Fees, Terms & Conditions of Probation.

Demographic Information

Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Related Individuals, Education History, Employment History, Military History, etc…

Digital Pictures

You can store an unlimited number of pictures of each probationer.

Document Center

Quickly and easily scan and upload any document to an offenders file. CaseloadPRO allows you to upload virtually any type of document, including the most common types of DOC, PDF, XLS and JPG.

Alerts and Reminders

Never forget to see an offender again! CaseloadPRO will automatically remind an officer of upcoming and missed appointments. There are additional alerts to ensure important items are always addressed.

Activities (Case Notes/Chronos), Appointments and Contact History

Schedule future appoitnments and log every contact made with the offender. This can include all phone calls, letters, field visits, office appointments emails, text messages or any other type of contact. Probation Officers can type as much information for each contact made with the offender. CaseloadPRO will also automatically store any email or text message sent to the offender through CaseloadPRO's messaging system.

Program Enrollments and Involvement

Store information on any programs the probationer has be required to attend. Examples of programs are anger management, substance abuse, and domestic violence classes. The probation officer can also store any progress or status reports for the classes the offender is attending.


Store detailed information for any assessment completed for an offender. Or Add and complete your existing Assessments, like the Wisconsin Risk/Needs directly in CaseloadPRO. CaseloadPRO can also integrate with other 3rd party Assessment tools. In one simple click, Assessments.com clients can send over detailed case information from CaseloadPRO to Assessments.com, thus eliminating the need to re-enter data.

Community Service

Keep track of any community service the probationer has been required to complete. The officer has the ability to optionally store detailed time entries for each occurrence by the offender has completed.

Financials & Revenue Recovery

Use CaseloadPRO to keep track of fines, fees and other charges owed by the offender. Automatically generate re-occurring invoices, create a payment plan, receive payments, print receipts and other financial reports.

Telephone and Web Reporting

CaseloadPRO is fully integrated with CaseLinkPRO, our automated check-in system. Learn more about our Offender Paid (No Cost to the department) Telephone and Web Probationer Check-In System at CaseLinkPRO.com .

Social Media

With the evolution of Social Media it's important that an officer can keep track of what their offenders are doing online. It's not uncommon for officers to violate an offender for actions discovered through Facebook. In CaseloadPRO an officer can easily store and link Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked-In, Blog, Websites, Email Addresses, and any other social media information.

Credit for Time Served Calculations

Log any time served and assign the time to any Case for the offender.

Read Only Access To Outside Agencies for FREE!

Give access to CaseloadPRO to outside agencies at no additional cost. The probation department can customize which screens other agencies can view. Since CaseloadPRO can run in any web-browser, there isn't any additional software for the outside agencies to install. Patrol officers can easily look-up offender’s information from their patrol car to determine if the person is on probation.

Take a more detailed look at CaseloadPRO by accessing screenshots of the system.

In addition to all the information we help you to organize and store, we also help you to keep it secure. You can allow or disallow access to any part of the system for any user or group of users. For those who do have access, a complete log is kept of every probationer’s file they access.

Visit our benefits page to see even more features of the system.

Please contact us for more details. We would be happy to arrange for a complete on-line or on-site demonstration of CaseloadPRO.