Merced County Probation goes Live with CaseloadPRO's SaaS Probation Case Management System

Mon, 2011-03-14 (All day)

CaseloadPRO, a SaaS (Software as a Service) Probation Case Management company, went live in Merced County Probation department today Monday, March 14. Merced County Probation needed a cost effective case management solution to replace their costly 11 year old antiquated mainframe system. CaseloadPRO’s aggressive SaaS pricing model allowed the department to save money, while bringing their case management system into the 21st century.

CaseloadPRO’s service is a monthly subscription without any long-term contract requirements. The monthly subscription includes all support, maintenance and hardware. The Merced County Probation department determined that CaseloadPRO’s five year cost of ownership is 81% lower when compared to purchasing a traditional probation system with a yearly maintenance contract.

Using CaseloadPRO, Merced County Probation users will be able to easily manage their caseloads and run reports using any modern web browser. Merced Probation staff will be able to store information such as, personal information, referral/grant, running notes, assessment scores, program enrollments, time served and drug statements.

“We are very excited to go live in Merced County, and provide a solution that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible with the traditional pricing models in the probation software industry,” said Tom Westfall, President of CaseloadPRO.

CaseloadPRO’s monthly subscription helped Merced County Probation, but this pricing model is also attracting smaller departments, such as Indian Tribes and private probation companies, who were previously underserved in the probation software industry.

Headquartered in Salida, CA, CaseloadPRO is the premiere SaaS caseload tracking system for Probation departments that combines the industry’s most sophisticated technological advancements with an aggressive pricing model that meet department’s budget constraints today and into the future.

Press Contact:
Larry Stanton
CaseloadPRO, L.P.