CaseloadPRO Provides Kern County Sheriff A One-Of-A-Kind Web-Based Parole Case Management System

Mon, 2014-02-03 (All day)

CaseloadPRO has launched their revolutionary web-based Parole Case Management System in the
Kern County Sheriffs Department. This full-featured software is designed to collect and organize all the
data that is required by the Parole department and allow effective management of current and future
parolees. It was learnt that the software utilizes the very latest technology and features exceptional
functionality with unmatched affordability.

“We replaced the antiquated system of Kern County Sheriff’s Office with our SaaS, web-based solution
at literally no-cost at all to the county. It was definitely a very exciting experience for us as well as the
Sheriff’s office. Our revolutionary software has now transformed the way the Kern County manages its
parolees.” said Larry Stanton, who is the Director of Sales at CaseloadPRO.

A SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a method of delivery of software, which requires no installation of
the software at the client side, nor does it require any setting up of servers that require large upfront
costs. It works on the basis of pay-as-you-go. This offers numerous advantages when it comes to the
cost – there are no large upfront costs, no hardware expenses, and no expenses are required for
purchasing extra modules as each and every feature is available for use.

“CaseloadPRO was able to provide the Kern County Sheriff’s Office with software to manage our Sheriff’s
Parole Program. CaseloadPro’s advances with automated voice recognition call in software, allows our
agency to streamline our parole program and concentrate on the rehabilitation of participants enrolled
in our program. In the short time our agency used the software, we found it easy for us to navigate and
use.” said Sergeant David Kessler, while talking about the implementation of CaseloadPRO for managing
their parole system.

CaseloadPRO is known to reduce the total cost of ownership, this is what makes it highly affordable
even for small departments, while continuing to offer highly advanced features to address the complex-
nature demands of large departments. A unique feature is a Telephone Check-In System that allows
each parolee to complete a monthly check-in, in order to verify addresses, contact numbers, changes
of employment as well as any contact with law enforcement agencies. The Voice Biometrics feature
ensures that only the parolee can check-in.

The revenue generated from the telephone check-in product funded the case management system for
the Kern County Sheriffs Office, making it a no-cost solution for the department.

When it comes to security, CaseloadPRO utilizes several layers of security to ensure maximum
protection of the system. The datacenter uses numerous routers and firewalls to prevent any
unauthorized access to sensitive data.

About CaseloadPRO L.P.
CaseloadPRO L.P. is based in Salida, California and was founded in 2009. They specialize in creating
web-based software solutions designed to cater for Probation, Parole and Pre-Trial Departments. The
management of the company has prior experience in data hosting, which has enabled them to provide
a 99.99% up-time of their datacenters. Their unique approach as a SaaS company allows them to bring
forth affordable solutions that are affordable even by the smallest of counties that have limited budgets.

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Phone: 1.800.686.1134
Mailing Address: PO Box 1127, Salida, CA 95368