CaseloadPRO combines the industries most sophisticated technological advancements with an agressive pricing model. Listed below are just a few of the benefits our system brings to the probation case management software market. To see these benefits in more detail request an online demo or view screenshots of CaseloadPRO.

Low Initial Costs

Unlike traditional probation software purchases with steep up-front acquisition costs, CaseloadPRO leverages a subscription licensing model with no “purchase price”. Only minimal setup costs are required to configure and provision CaseloadPRO for your probation department. Optionally, data conversion is typically desired to bring your existing records into the CaseloadPRO system. This process can generally be completed in a short timeframe, with an affordable one-time cost.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Because CaseloadPRO runs in our secure datacenter there is no need for you to purchase and configure new IT infrastructure, nor the staff required for its ongoing support. This represents a significant cost savings over the lifetime of the system. Additionally, there are never “module” or “upgrade” fees. New system features and upgrades are immediately available, at no additional charge, to all CaseloadPRO users.We also offer an on-premise solution if you prefer to host the software in your IT department.

Rapid Deployment

Based on the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model, CaseloadPRO is designed to run entirely through a web browser. This means no additional hardware or complicated software is required to run the system. If you can launch any modern browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), you can run CaseloadPRO.

High Adoption

Built to run entirely in a web browser, CaseloadPRO is as easy to use as buying a book on This means our system is typically easier (less training is required), more efficient (less time to accomplish a particular task), and more satisfying (intuitive design and navigation) to use than traditional proprietary probation software.

Maximum Accessibility

By leveraging the highly-accessible web development space, CaseloadPRO requires only a modern web browser and internet connection to begin using the system. This means ultra-low user hardware requirements, as well as platform independence; CaseloadPRO runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This also means CaseloadPRO is geographically accessible; users may access the system from any internet-aware location, which is vital in remote office scenarios. Of course, region-level access may be administratively restricted on a per-user/group basis.

Constant Innovation

At the heart of CaseloadPRO is a multi-tenant kernel, in which all clients share a common platform and infrastructure. This means every user automatically benefits from the latest system and platform innovations. By forming this user-based “community” CaseloadPRO experiences constant improvement, driven by the individual needs of its users, made immediately available to the entire community.

Proven Reliability

With over 10 years of experience in the hosted-data arena, we’re confident in our infrastructure’s availability, and our ability to protect and store your data. With >99.9% up-time and a redundant datacenter in development, we’re well equipped to serve CaseloadPRO’s users today and into the future.

Robust Security

CaseloadPRO utilizes multiple layers of security to form a comprehensive protection system. At the datacenter level, we tightly control physical access to only the minimal required technicians. Multiple firewalls and routers are utilized to carefully screen both external and internal network traffic. All data is backed up real-time within the datacenter, as well as regularly to a secure off-site location. Power is conditioned and backed-up, both via battery and generator. At the application level, SSL encryption is used to secure all data transmission and all system activity is logged for auditing. At the user level, both role-based and user/group-based security access levels are implemented on a per-node basis, giving complete control and flexibility to your administrators.

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